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Develop your teams’ performance though interactive experiences. Everything from games which develop leadership ability and build self confidence, exercises that teach people to be more cooperative and enthusiastic team players, to brain teasers that enhance problem solving skills and boost creativity.


Public Liability

Chocolate making teambuild event

Your group will be split into teams, each tasked with creating a fantastic box of chocolates.

Everything must be considered from design, taste, market audience and costs.

Choc Attack

Can your team recreate one of Picasso’s great masterpieces, but on a massive scale.

Each team must accurately complete a section of the final painting.

Masterpiece/Urban Art

Think back to the days of composing a House Song, Egg and Spoon Races, Football Slaloms, Free Style Relays, Sack Races, Skipping Races, Space Hopper Obstacle Courses, Tug of War Competitions

School Sports Day

This session focuses on the creating and developing of teams.

Teams embark on a number of physical and cerebral challenges. The event is rounded off with a competitive finale.

Teambuild games

The group will need to follow a series of fiendishly cryptic clues which reveal a route around the Town.

Teams will then converge on the final point for prize giving. Harsh fines will be allocated for late arrivals.

Treasure Trails

Armed with new knowledge and resources teams will their own wine sensation.

The group will be split into teams to compete to win the approval of our wine merchant.

Wine Challenge

Hollywood makes it look easy but will your team be able to produce a blockbuster.

Supplied with all the equipment and props, but the creativity rests with the team.

Film Making

A generation games evening is great way of breaking down barriers and building bonds between team members.

This non threatening fun activity gets everybody involved

Generation Games

Agency rates

Agency rates

Masterpiece Costs

Put yourselves in the position of a formula 1 racing team. 1st secure the budget from potential investors, then;

You must design, build, test and then race your pedal kart.

Pit Stop Challenge

Agency rates

This outdoor activity event is perfect for teams that want to get into the fresh air and take part in a number of exciting, yet inclusive, activities.

Activity Event

Agency rates

Agency rates

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