Event Dynamics have developed a new , easy to use system, for film making events.

Over the years film making events have been used as as excellent teambuilding tool, as it encourages team work, time management and creativity, whilst breaking down barriers and delivering that great talking point after the event.

Unfortunately, it has been hard to keep pace with the advance of technology. Film editing equipment and software has become prolific, but at the same time highly complex.

Event Dynamics wanted a way of running film making events that was;

This is the reason behind the new IPad2 Film Suites


We use the High Definition video camera on the IPad2 touch screen tablet, running the iMovie editing app. IPads are the only platform to feature this quality of recording and this editing ability in one device. With a battery life of 8 hours they suit any event.

The IPads are mounted in a specially made case that allows it to be mounted on a video tripod, for steady, shake free filming. Sound is recorded through a state of the art, broadcast quality shotgun microphone, for crystal clear voices without the interference of background noise. Lights are fitted to the top of the mount for better images in low light conditions. And a high quality lens aids the image capture.

The suite is set up on a 6ft table with a black table cloth. There is a black screen around the team table which olds the team number sign, the filming tips sign and the storyboard sign.

The storyboard is worked out on 15cm x 10cm post it notes which are then shuffled around on the large storyboard sign.

The professional film crew are always on hand to help and advise. Teams can do as much or as little as they are comfortable with, but the instructor is capable of doing all filming and editing whilst keeping the team motivated throughout.

The films are played back with a HD Projector onto an 8ft x 5ft rear projection screen. Sound is played through an 800W PA system.

Depending upon package chosen, the event can be hosted by one of our very own RADA trained actors, to bring the Oscars ceremony to life.

Film making

The group will be split into teams. Each team will be allocated a film producer who is armed with a state of the art IPad2 film edit suite.

Teams will be required to script, produce, film and the edit a short movie to a specific them.

A selection of props and costumes are available, and along with creativity and flair, a sensational production can be delivered.

Each team will be required to produce a 2 minute film to certain criteria;

• Advert for the company

• Portraying company values

• Company mission statement

• Themed comic take on office life

The teams will the watch these films back in the evening and a winner will be chosen.

Suggested Itinerary

1400  Introduction by Host

1410  Teams start planning

1430  Teams start doing

1630  Editing

1700  Teams leave

1930  Evening meal

Pop videos

Stop go animation

Film shorts

Don’t panic, you are not expected to actually be able to sing. You are, however, expect to create a fantastic routine for your pop music video.

You can choose from any style of video;

 - Telling a story.

 - Dance routines.

 - Stylistic.

Teams will be able to choose from a huge variety of pop songs.

Unleash your hidden pop stars

Suggested Itinerary

1400  Introduction by Host

1410  Teams start planning

1430  Teams start doing

1530  Editing

1600  Teams leave

1930  Evening meal

Here is something a little different. Using our tried and tested kit, we enter the world of animation.

With careful planning, steady attention to detail and good team coordination, teams are able to create out of this world results.

Using any of the supplied media;

   Plasticine models


   Drawings and paints

Suggested Itinerary

1400  Introduction by Host

1410  Teams start planning

1430  Teams start doing

1630  Editing

1700  Teams leave

1930  Evening meal

Don't think that you have the time for a whole film making event, or want to work to an alternative format as either a zone within an activity or team day, or as a drop in zone through out the day, then this is the package for you.

Teams are able to create a 1 minute film in as little as 20 mins, with professional looking results.

Film mini clips and insert them into the pre-assigned storyboard template. Edit the text to explain your story or promote your message.

Footage available immediately at he end of the session.

Suggested times


Film making events Pop Music Stop-Go Video shorts


Free popcorn machine on all events confirmed before the end of July over 8 teams

Enjoy popcorn during your film premiere

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